Finances don't need to be stressful.

Master your business and personal finances with Fiscal Fluency coaching.

Stop losing sleep and finally take control of your money.

Fiscal Fluency is a personal and business coaching program that teaches vital financial skills so you can make decisions from a place of confidence rather than fear.

Make real progress.

Personal Financial Coaching

Learn the skills to control your money and get the accountability you need to stick to your spending and saving goals.

Find peace of mind.

Business Coaching

You shouldn't be afraid to take a day off just because you work for yourself. Hire a business coach and learn how to run your business instead of letting it run you.

Gain perspective.

Virtual CFO

Outsource your business's financial oversight to a professional, receive tailored insight, and implement a sound strategy.

It's easy to become overwhelmed by finances...

The dollars slip from your bank account as quickly as a credit card slides through a card reader. You work hard for each cent, but student loans, taxes, mortgages, children, and various emergencies drain the income for which you've slaved. At this rate, you'll never save enough to accomplish the dreams you've harbored for years.

I've been there, and I know those feelings.

But together, we can craft a new financial future for you.

Learn to control your resources and free up the income you need to buy a house, take a long vacation, or live in comfortable retirement like you've always wanted. And, the sooner we start, the better off you'll be.

How it works



Define goals that matter.


Make a plan

Set realistic spending limits that move you toward your goals.


Gain Control

Form a relationship that keeps you accountable so you can establish healthy habits and make money your ally.

FREE Guide to finances after college

Download your FREE copy of  "Adulting 101: A guide for managing money after college."

FREE Guide to avoid costly startup mistakes

Download your FREE copy of "Six Typical Startup Mistakes (and how to correct them)."


"It doesn't matter if you feel like your financial house is perfectly in order or if it looks a little bit like a house of horrors — you will benefit from the guidance, empathy, and relief that Ben provides."

– Caitlin T.

Owner of Ember & Co 

"Our first month meeting with Ben has changed the way we think about money.  We went from feeling like we could never get ahead to feeling empowered to take control of our money and to create a life of stability for our family."

— Jon and Jenny F.


“We had so many questions and literally no one to turn to. It’s been a huge relief to know that there’s someone to reach out to and get a definitive answer instead of feeling unsure about what you found on a google search and operating on only 40% certainty.” 

 – Ben H.

Co-Owner of DollarSprout

"Ben was able to take my current situation and get me leaping in the right direction to start up my business and with his CPA knowledge, keep me from making some costly mistakes! I've got so much peace now, knowing my next action steps and how to set things up. Thanks Ben!"

— Daryl P.

Owner of Money Matters Coaching

"Graduating college and having no idea how to manage my finances was very stressful until Ben came along and saved the day! I now feel secure with my finances and don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of money that it takes to live and pay my student loans!"

— Jordan B.

"A month or two ago we were unsure of what to do as our business grew and honestly didn’t know what we didn’t know. Ben has been great and made it very easy for us with clear steps to follow and guide us through the process. This took a lot of pressure off of us and helped us stop stressing about all of the background stuff on top of our normal business needs.” 

– Jeff P.

Co-Owner of DollarSprout


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Not your dad's CPA

I have a degree in accounting/finance and a CPA license, but I'm a coach first. This amazing job started as a result of my experiences teaching English overseas, working as an outdoor guide, and operating a youth camp ministry before launching Fiscal Fluency in 2018. This is where life has taken me, and if you want to know my whole story, I'm happy to tell you.

But first, I want to know where life is taking you. Tell me over coffee.

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