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If you're a financial advisor, realtor, banker, attorney, CPA, or other professional looking to partner, please check out the FAQ's and reach out. I'd love to meet for lunch or set up a time to talk about how we can partner for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

I want you to know that I'm not interested in competing. You're great at your job, and you serve your clients well. However, I believe we can form a partnership that will better help our communities.

How a partnership would work:

John and Jane want to buy a house/plan their retirement strategy/etc.. They call their local financial planning company and meet with you, a financial advisor.

"We'd like to start investing," they say.

"Wonderful! How much capital do you have to invest?" you ask.

"Well...we still owe $90,000 on the house, $12,000 on our vehicles, and have about $8,000 left on student loans, but right now we've got about $10,000 in our savings and checking accounts."

"That's great, and I'd love to help. Sadly, my minimum contributed capital is $75,000 to start building a portfolio for you. But you know what, I know someone who works with individuals in your situation. Have you ever heard of a financial coach?"

I meet with John and Jane and help them develop sound personal finance skills. When they're ready, I send them straight back to you, the financial advisor/tax preparer/loan officer/realtor to further assist them with your expertise.

In the end, we both serve the client through what we love to do and do best.


Imagine clients who already have healthy savings habits.

The average fiscal fluency client saves 34% of their income.

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