Fluency (noun):

The ability to speak or write with ease.

It's easy to lose track of your paycheck—the dollars slip from your bank account as quickly as a credit card slides through a card reader.

Hi, I'm Ben.

I started Fiscal Fluency with you in mind—the millennial,  young professional, or entrepreneur living your life the best way you know how.

I want to help people like you, who never had mentors or clear guidance on how to manage finances or run a business. They feel trapped and frustrated. They could make real progress and control their financial lives if only somebody would show them the ropes.

I have a background in teaching, mentorship, and social work, but I became a CPA specifically to help you take control of your money and redirect your resources toward your goals. I'd love to hear about the life you want to live and help you realize those dreams, so LET'S GRAB COFFEE.

"We finally feel empowered to take control of our money"

"Our first month meeting with Ben has changed the way we think about money. We went from feeling like we could never get ahead to feeling empowered to take control of our money and to create a life of stability for our family."

— Jon and Jenny F.

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